About Us

Hi everyone!                               

Welcome to our store, BinoBrick. We are two fans of Lego, like you we imagine! As we we're trying to find ways to share our passion with others, we stumble upon this idea : Why not contribute to the amazing plateform that is Bricklink by expanding the Lego brick's offers and democratize this amazing hobby to everyone?

So, at our store you will find a lot of the parts you're looking for, and if you don't, remember to check often! We try hard to expand our offer faster than anyone!

Thank you for you visit and have a nice one,

Olivier and Jérémie.



Terms and conditions of Binobrick :

Each order is processed within a timeframe from one to three days.

Also, we have a minimum order policy of USD$5, because an order smaller than this takes too much time to complete, we're sure you understand!

We are not responsible in the unfortunate case that you order is lost, but we will happily help you contact Post Canada to understand what happened. However, we do accept returns when a big mistake on our side have been commited, with the shipping at our costs! E-mail us if that is the case and we will try to work something out :)

 Last Updated: 28 Mar 2021